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Wednesday, April 25th 2012. | Animal Facts

10 Interesting Facts about Turtles – Turtles are exoskeletons for having bone outside the body, forming a very hard shell on their back.

10 Interesting Facts about Turtles

  1. Green turtle is the only species of turtles that eat only plants, such as seaweed.
  2. In English, a turtle that lived in the sea called “Turtle” while the turtles that live in water on land called the tortoise. Striking difference between the two is that sea turtles have webbed feet, while the tortoise is not.
  3. Turtles do not have ears, but he could feel the vibration wave.
  4. Turtles live in all continents of the world except in Antarctica where the cold continent.
  5. Tortoise already exist on earth since 200 million years ago. Modern turtles different from ancient tortoise. Ancient turtles have sharp teeth, but they could not retract its head into the shell.
  6. Several species of turtles can live up to more than 100 years. Longer than human, which average less than 70 years.
  7. Not as we thought, turtles have good eyesight, as well as the power of smell.
  8. In the turtle shell, there is also blood vessels, so the turtles can feel when touched.
  9. Tortoise shell consists of 60 major bones that each is bound to one another.
  10. The length of the head of a turtle can weigh up to 20 kg and can grow to 3 feet.

These are 10 Interesting Facts about Turtles, that need to know.

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