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Tuesday, December 6th 2011. | Animal Facts

10 Most Rare Animals in The World - The endangered status attracts the attention of everyone on the vulnerability and the risk of extinction of a species.

A species is declared threatened if it meets specific criteria (habitat loss, significant decline in its population, genetic erosion, overfishing or hunting etc.). These criteria generally established or approved by the IUCN, can refine the risk of extinction (current short to medium term) and to assign a conservation status and sometimes protection (protected species) . And here are top 10 Most Rare Animals in The World that need to know.


10 Most Rare Animals in The World:


1 ) Pinta Island Tortoise

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Research has shown that there were at least ten species in the Galapagos Islands, according to some authors a fortnight. Only eight species still exist, including two on the island of Isabela, and six on Santiago, Santa Cruz, San Cristóbal, Pinzón, Española and Pinta. It knows only one specimen of the species of Pinta Lonesome George. This species should disappear upon his death.

The remains of turtles were found on the islands of Rábida and Santa Fe and were considered new taxa, but are now regarded as doubtful as that may have been introduced by humans, the turtles are used as reservoirs of food per the sailors.


2 ) Yangtze River Dolphin (Baiji)

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Baiji population declined drastically in the past few decades due to industrialization of China and use the river for fishing, transport and hydro. Vision Baiji last confirmed in 2004, with a vision that can not be confirmed in August 2007. Attempts were made to save this species.



3 ) Javan Rhinoceros

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Javan Rhinoceros live together in one main area is very vulnerable to extinction can be caused by diseases, natural disasters such as tsunamis, volcanic eruption of Krakatau, earthquake. In addition, the rhinoceros is also lack of space due invasion tour and step resources and competition with bison.



4 ) Golden Tabby Tiger

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The tiger is a golden color of the dress atypical of a tiger: stripes are colored red on a cream background and appear diluted. Very rare, this coloration is due to a recessive allele.



5 ) Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat

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The species is considered critically endangered by the IUCN Red List criteria. The Zoological Society of London, based on evolutionary criteria of uniqueness and smallness of the population, considered one of the Seychelles, the Bat 100 species of mammals at greater risk of extinction.



6 ) Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

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Its existence was found in the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland as recently as 100 years ago, but now limited to a range of 3 km by 33 km square square Epping Forest National Park in Queensland. One of the rarest mammals in the world and is in danger of extinction.



7 ) Red Wolf

A population has been successfully reintroduced in eastern North Carolina. In spite of this population now exceeds the 100 specimens, is still under serious threat.



8 ) Sao Tome Shrew

It is threatened with extinction by the loss of natural habitat due to deforestation to build houses and gardens.



9 ) Okapi

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The survival of the okapi also depends zoos where they can live and reproduce in safety. However, his acclimation to life in captivity has been difficult.



10 ) Tarsiers

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In 2008 described bestatus tarsier is considered critical and is registered in the 25 most threatened primates by Conservation International and the IUCN / SCC Primate Specialist Group in 2008. These are 10 Most Rare Animals in The World that need to know.


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