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Monday, October 31st 2011. | World Facts

Most Expensive Coffees in the World – It’s called drink coffee to get the fruits and seeds of the coffee plant coffee. The drink is highly stimulating to contain caffeine. By extension, they can be designated by this name the place of consumption of this beverage and its many variant definitions. Examples are: cafe or bistro.

Coffee cultivation is widespread in the tropics and subtropics. Particular calling attention to the case of Brazil that focuses just over a third of world production. Coffee beans are one of the main products of agricultural origin which is sold in international markets and often makes a big contribution to the export sectors of the producing regions. The cultivation of coffee, is culturally linked to the history and progress of many countries that have produced for over a century. There were a total of 6.7 million tons of coffee annually between 1998 and 2000 and is expected to raise the figure to 7 million tons annually in 2010.


From the roasted and ground seed infusion is made known by the same name. In Spain, Portugal and Rio de la Plata is frequent consumption of coffee roasted or roasted (roasting in the presence of sugar). It is usually taken as breakfast or dinner after meals, and is one of the most socializing soft drinks in many countries. There are as many ways to prepare this drink as consumers, but the most popular, just take it apart, is the leading milk, but also often add cream or cream, condensed milk, chocolate or some liquor. It is usually served hot but can also take cold or with ice. And there are interesting, the list below are Most Expensive Coffees in the World, very expensive for your taste of coffee.


Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees in the World

10. Yauco Selecto AA Coffee: Puerto Rico : $24 per pound

Most Expensive Coffees in the WorldDerived from Yauco area, Puerto Rican coffee is known for their superiority in the world. Manufactured in the mountains of Southwestern Puerto Rico, the coffee is appreciated because of its lightweight taste.


9. Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon: Rwanda : $24 per Pound

Starbucks Rwanda Blue BourbonStarbucks found this coffee beans in Gatare and Karengera from their visit to the coffee processing station in Rwanda in 2004. Now, the Rwanda farmers cultivate Blue Bourbon coffee beans as main crops.


8. Kona Coffee Hawaii: Hawaii, US : $34 per pound

Kona Coffee HawaiiIn 1820 the British introduced Brazil coffee trees to Kona Area with a lot volcanic area. Kona local climate is very suitable for this coffee cultivation.


7. Los Planes: El Salvador : $40 per pound

Los Planes

Los Planes get the best commercial farm in terms of growth, and get ranked second in the competition excellence cup of 2006.


6.  Blue Mountain: Jamaica : $49 per pound

Jamaican Coffee

This coffee is cultivated in Wallenford Estate, Jamaica. This coffee is very popular among coffee lovers because of strong taste and smell of the coffee. Japan imported about 85% of this coffee.


5. Fazenda Santa Ines: Brazil: $50 per pound

Fazenda Santa InesAlways reaching competition winner in the Cup of Excellence. Working together closely with cafe Artigiano, a famous cafe in Canada.

4. El Injerto: Guatemala : $50

El Injerto

This coffee come from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This coffee is getting first place in the competition cup of excellence in the year 2006.


3. Island of St. Helena Coffee Company:  St. Helena :  $79 per pound

Island of St Helena

Demand because of its exclusivity in terms of quality. Since the 18th century, this coffee has become a very expensive coffee.

2. Hacienda La Esmeralda: Panama : $104 per pound

Hacienda La Esmeralda

This coffee come from Boquete, Panama. Famous for its taste and strong aroma of coffee. It is processed from an old guava tree fruit like cherry.


1. Kopi Luwak: Indonesia : $160 per pound

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is a type of coffee that come from coffee beans that have been eaten and passed through the digestive tract of animals called Luwak (mongoose). This coffee come from Sumatra, Indonesia. This famous coffee has reached fame through overseas.

The coffee industry currently moves 70,000 million dollars per year, second only to oil in terms of global exports, the magazine Scientific American. These are the top 10 Most Expensive Coffees in the World.

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