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Friday, October 28th 2011. | Unique Interesting

10 The Most Beautiful Flowers in the WorldThe Most Beautiful Flowers in the World are in conjunction with their design and color schemes those you like best. Beautiful Flower create feelings of happiness and enhance our mood for help us cope with anger and pain. Here I have collected some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It was a very tight list.  I am sure you already have a list of your own, because most people likes the flowers. Flower’s appearance have inspired us since the very beginning. And maybe the list below can be inspiration for us, here are the top 10 The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World, check it.


Top 10 The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World:

1. The Bird of Paradise

The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World


This amazing flower truly has the shape of a bird and this detail is what makes it special. The colorful bird of paradise is really tall: the plant may reach as much as 5 feet in height and the flower itself is pretty large as well. The bird of paradise may be found in South Africa. However, check your local florist: this plant is not only one of the most beautiful in the world, but one of the most popular as well.

2.  The Rose



Roses are the most celebrated flowers in the world. The big, colored roses have been since centuries preferred by all categories of people at any event what so ever. They have many symbols, depending on their colors. Roses may not be exotic or new to you, but they sure are  among the most beautiful flowers in the world and this is exactly why we all love them.

3. Orchids



Orchids are also well known and very famous for the wide range of species out there. They are very adaptable, populating all continents, except for the cold one. The unbelievable orchids are as old as time and as beautiful as rain drops. While considered rare and valuable some centuries ago, they may be seen today in many homes and offices.

4. The calla lily

The calla lily


The calla lily is simple, as all elegant things. The splendor of it was acknowledged by Greeks as well: they named this plant “kallos”, which means “beauty”. Even though it makes a great houseplant, you should be careful for children and animals: callas are very toxic, if eaten!

5. The Hyacinth

The Hyacinth


They are spring flowers that decorate many gardens around the world. However, today, we may find them all year long, thanks to the effort of florists who cultivate the wonderful hyacinths. They are very special flowers, yet very sensitive. Once they are cut, their beauty and perfume will disappear very fast. They thrive in pots though, so you may enjoy them in the house as well as in the garden.

6. The peony

The peony


The large, rich peony flowers look great in gardens and this is exactly why they are often seen as part of outdoors arrangements. The beauty of these flowers was appreciated since ages, by specialists and common people alike. The emperor of China was so amazed by the powerful scent and by the aspect of the peony that he named it the national flower of his country.

7. The water lily

water lilly


One of the most famous and beautiful flowers in the world, the water lily is known all over the world. This is both because of the fact that its numerous species are widely spread  and because of their romantic aspect. They were used as love symbols by poets, in their poems, they were painted by famous artists and their picture was taken by many photographers. They are one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces.

8. Pulmeria



Pulmeria is the flower of a small tropical tree. This 5 petal flower looks very, very beautiful, and it may be easily cultivated. All it needs is a lot of sun and very little water. It has a powerful perfume, especially at night and this is one of the reasons for which this little flower is so unique.

9. Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms


The most treasured flowers in Japan, cherry blossoms are truly wonderful to look at. There is nothing more poetic than a flowering cherry tree . It is not a surprise that Japanese people, with their sensitive soul and their inclination for beauty and peaceful sights, prefer these flowers above all others.

10.  Gazania



Last on this list but certainly first on many people’s lists, Gazania is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The strange pattern and the intense colors of this plant made me chose the Gazania for this top. In its home region, in South Africa, Gazania is also called the Treasure Flower, probably because of its amazing, intense, sometimes even glaring combinations of colors. These are top 10 The Most Beautiful Flowers in the World.

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