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Friday, March 30th 2012. | World Facts

Top 10 Snipers in the World – A sniper is a soldier trained and equipped to hit distant targets with precision. In a military sniper rifle comes with a high potential with a telescopic sight (sniper rifle), which allows him to identify targets at distances of hundreds or thousands of meters, the equipment often requires gun, knife, and other support weapons such as C4 or pointers to coordinate attacks led. Snipers are trained in military arts such as camouflage, reconnaissance, infiltration, and the observation. The sharpshooters become very effective in urban warfare in the jungles.


Here are the , Top 10 Snipers in the World, top 10 most famous sniper in history. This list is made ​​not only by the amount, but also the quality of coup.




Irish soldier of the British Fusiliers 95 °. Its fame is due to the killing of a prominent general French: Auguste-Marie-Francois Colbert. During the retreat from the Battle of Monroe Cacabelos, with a Baker rifle, struck the French general from about 600 meters. Being accurate with a gun like that is to be very good or have much luck. But Plunkett wanting to show that he is just lucky, but a good one, after hitting the general decided to hit one of the rescuers to score and sending the second shot proved to be an excellent marksman.

9. Sgt. GRACE

Top 10 Snipers in the World

It was May 9, 1864, when the Sergeant Grace, sniper Confederate troops, he made an amazing shot at that time. During the Battle of Spotsylvania with a British Whitworth rifle killed General John Sedgwick (pictured above) from a distance of about 1000 meters.
During the beginning of the battle the Confederate sharpshooters forcing Sedgwick’s men to stay away, but the General refused to hide, and began to say: “What? We hide for individual bullets? What will we do when they open fire on the whole line? I’m ashamed of you. They could not hit an elephant at this distance. “Two seconds after the bullet Grace Sedgwick hits under his left eye.


Avid hunter as a child he joined the Marines in 1967. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and holds the record for the number of confirmed kills for Marine snipers. In just 16 months has killed 103 enemies, and are also 216 listed as probable kills, unconfirmed only because it was too risky to retrieve documents from the bodies.
A shot routine is around 300 to 800 yards, Mawhinney confirmed kills over 1000 meters making him one of the best snipers of the Vietnam War.

7. ROB FURLONG (1976)

And a former Corporal of the Canadian armed forces and holds the record for killing the most remote, with about 2430 meters.
In 2002, during Operation Anaconda Sniper with his team came across three men of Al Qaeda in a mountain resort. Furlong was armed with a 50 gauge shotgun Brothers McMillian Tac-50 with A-MAX bullets. The first attempt failed, with the second shot the backpack center of an enemy, when the second bullet he got there he had already left the third shot, because the travel time at that distance is about 4.5 seconds with a drop of 70 meters, the enemy could take cover, but not immediately realized what was happening and took the third bullet right in the chest.

6. VASILY ZAYTSEV (1915 – 1991)

242 confirmed kills.

Zaytsev was one of the most famous sniper in the film that tells its story, “Enemy”. Even if everything is true until the Battle of Stalingrad, after there were some inaccuracies or different facts.
Zaytsev was born and raised in Yeleninskoye Ural mountains. His surname means “hare”. He worked as a clerk in the Soviet Navy, but during World War secodna offered as a volunteer for the front and served rifle regiment in 1047. After the war he created a school of snipers Metiz, his pupils were called Zaichata, meaning “leverets”. It is estimated that the snipers who has trained more than 3000 enemies killed.
Zaytsev had 242 confirmed uccisoni between October 1942 and January 1943, but the actual number is probably closer to 500. As is said in the film clashed Zaytsev, in the ruins of Stalingrad, a German sniper Erwin Konig (Wehrmacht sniper qualified) this duel lasted three days between the houses of the city, Zaytsev said that it was his finest trophy making honor the opponent that proved just as clever as he.


309 confirmed kills

In June 1941 Pavlichenko was 24 years old and the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union. It was one of the first volunteers to enlist in the infantry and was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division of the Red Army. It was one of the 2000 Soviet female sniper.
The first 2 uccioni accomplished the near Belyayevka with a rifle Mosin-Nagant. His first action was in conflict of Odessa, in 2 ½ months killed 187 enemies. After 8 months and was moved to Sebastopol in the Crimea. During the Second World War did ucciosni 309 confirmed and 36 of these were enemy snipers.

4. Caporale FRANCIS PEGAHMAGABOW  (1891 – 1952)

378 confirmed kills

Awarded three times with the Military Medal and twice seriously wounded scout and was an expert marksman, with 378 deaths and over 300 captured enemy. Originally from the Ojibwa tribe (also known as Chippewa, lived around Lake Huron) participated in the First World War with the Canadian forces. In addition to the killing of enemies is also distinguished for his courage in taking orders and ammunition between the lines.
Despite being a hero was forgotten on his return home.

3. ADELBERT F. WALDRON (1933 – 1995)

109 confirmed kills

He holds the record for most number of confirmed kills for snipers American history. And not just the number to make important, but also its precision.
During a mission he was on a boat on the Mekong River, when an enemy sniper on the mainland began to shoot from the shore to over 900 meters away, Sergeant Waldron took up his rifle and hit the enemy located on a tree with one shot only. The difficulty of the shot is due to the fact of being on a moving vehicle and it is a difficult shot to repeat.



Nicknamed “White Feather Sniper”
93 confirmed killings

Hathcock is famous for the importance and drama of his killings, during the Vietnam War. In fact, the Vietnamese army put a bounty of $ 30 000 on him, unlike the standard size for a sniper who was around $ 100.
One of his most famous hits was to have hit an enemy sniper firing on the reflection of the telescope, the shot passed through the lens and hit the enemy in the eye.
In an important mission on which he had to kill an enemy general crawled for 1500 meters takes about 3 days without sleep, was nearly trampled by an enemy soldier and the risk of being bitten by a viper. After killing the enemy commander was forced to flee the massive hunt implemented by the Vietnamese.
Hathcock remains a legend in the Marine Corps, and many quotations from his famous shot through the optical viewfinder found in some films (Saving Private Ryan, One Shot One Kill, Shooter)

1. SIMO HAYHA (1905 – 2002)

Nicknamed “White Death”
705 confirmed killings (505 with rifle, machine gun with 200)

I talk about it more extensively here.
Finnish soldier during World War II he distinguished himself against the Russian army killing the highest number of sworn enemies during the Winter War (1939-1940).
Born in Rautjarvi began military service in 1925. Withstanding extreme temperatures proved a real thorn in the Russian army, spreading terror in the areas struck. He used various tricks to improve your skills in just 100 days, and made ​​his company of 705 killings. On 6 March 1940 in a fight, a stray bullet hit him in the jaw by putting an end to its activities. These are Top 10 Snipers in the World.

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